Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I view a license agreement?

A. Yes we can e-mail our license agreement in pdf format.

Q. How do I pay for my electricity?

A. The electricity bills come every two months. The cost is divided equally between the students.

Q. How are roommates allocated?

A. If you have a friend you wish to share with, Gleann Na Ri will endeavour to accommodate you both together as long as this is clearly marked on your form at the time of application. Otherwise roommates are allocated on the basis of sex, academic year, course and age, where possible. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to facilitate all requests.

Q. Do I have to leave at Christmas and Easter?

A. No, the room is exclusively yours for the duration of your lease.

Q. What happens if I pay for accommodation and fail to be offered a place at GMIT?

A. In the case where a student has paid in full for their accommodation and fails to be offered a place at GMIT, a cancellation fee of €250 will be deducted and the balance refunded.

Q. Can I book a room by telephone?

A. Yes. You will then need to send on the deposit / booking fee of €500 to secure your room & all the relevant forms and lease agreement will need to be signed prior to arrival.

Q. Is there a curfew?

A. No, there is no curfew. Residents may come and go as they please, however we do require that residents carry their student identification cards at all times.

Q. What time do visitors have to leave?

A. All non-residents must leave Gleann na Ri by midnight.

Q. Can I obtain my apartment number or roommate’s details before I check in?

A. No, your apartment details will be issued to you on arrival.

Q. Is insurance for my belongings provided by Gleann Na Ri?

A. No. You must take our your own cover for your possessions.

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